Brief History about Permaculture

By vladislav / April 20, 2017

Permaculture is a very complicated term, that most likely a lot of people don’t even understand. Therefore, because it is not a commonly used, I thought that it would be nice if people could read some interesting facts about the history of the permaculture. Let’s start from the beginning, how it all began and who invented it in the first place. It was invented by Bill Mollison, who is considered to be the father of permaculture. He used to be a professor in Australia, where he developed an integrated system of design with the help of his student David Holmgren. The two of them came up with a design, that wasn’t just about agriculture or ecology. They included economic systems, land access strategies, legal systems in this one design

First Appearance

Their design of the permaculture was introduced to the world and started spreading in 1976 when a newsletter published their work. The newsletter was called Tasmania’s Organic Farmer and Gardener. The title of that newsletter that was dedicated to the work of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren was “a Permaculture System for Sothern Australian Conditions – Part One”. After that newsletter was released they and their design got a lot of attention from other media and people that wanted to find out more about the permaculture. The two of them were interviewed many times from different news and radios.

The First Permaculture Eco-Village

After a large number of interviews, the word got around the whole world about their project of permaculture. People wanted to test out their idea, therefore an Australian permaculture developer named Max Lindegger created the first permaculture eco-village in the world. He said that he always had a similar idea, but he was never able to put it together. He gave all the credits to the inventor Mollison, he even invited him to come in order to speak to him and exchange ideas.

Soon after the creation of that first permaculture eco-village, the permaculture started to attract more and more people. However, it took over two years to publish the first ever book about permaculture. The book was written by Mollison and his student Holmgren. The first time that they held a design course was in 1979. Around 18 people have participated in that design course that was held by Mollison. Those 18 people have traveled from various places on earth just to be here and take the design course. The course was held at an old hotel located in Stanley.

That 18 participants were saying that this course was a true life changing the experience for them. Few of them even started to develop and invent on their own about permaculture designs. From that day forward, a lot more people have taken that design course including Vladislav Davidzon, and a lot of them have started to work on their individual projects after attending the course. That was the major success of the permaculture design project because people around the world have started to further develop their idea.

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