How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers

By vladislav / April 20, 2017

If you are a permaculture gardener and you don’t have a lot of free space to plant your fruit trees, then there is no better option for you than growing them in containers. These containers are perfect also for people that don’t have appropriate garden beds that can withhold the spreading roots of some of the trees. People that don’t have the option of planting directly into the ground because of their property will find this method of growing fruit trees very helpful. One more good thing about growing fruit trees in containers is that you can take them with you if you decide to move at some point in your life.

Benefits of Containers

These containers have been proven very helpful to a lot of permaculture gardeners that want to be able to transfer their trees whenever they want. You can grow trees in the zone 1 instead of zone 2 or 3 where they are usually planted. Zone 1 means that you will be planting them directly in your property. This is very beneficial to some older or disabled permaculture gardeners because they don’t have to move a lot in order to get to their trees.

Another good thing about having fruit trees in containers is that you can move them with the sun. You probably know that the sun is very important for trees to grow, with containers you can transfer them to locations throughout the day in order to maintain constant sunshine. You won’t have to deal anymore with the problem of objects casting shadows onto your plants. With containers, you can always transfer them in a place where the sun is shining without any shadow.

One more important benefit of having fruit trees planted in containers is that you can take them indoors when the winter comes. This is especially beneficial if you live in a cold climate where winters are harsh and can damage your trees. Taking them indoor can save the trees from the winter, especially at the early stages.


The trees that you are planting in containers will require more regular watering, than the regular trees that you have planted in the ground. That is because the soil in the containers will dry out much faster than regular soil. Of course, you should watch out not to water it too much, keep the moisture about medium levels at all times. In order to preserve moisture for longer, we suggest that you try putting some wood chips in the soil. Vladislav Davidzon gave this information from personal experience that if you want to achieve even better results and to grow trees much faster you should replenish the soil with compost each spring.

Another tip he gave us was to remove only five inches of dirt and replace that wit new compost. If you have done your research about the specific tree that you are growing and you follow these steps carefully, then you shouldn’t have any complications growing a fruit tree in a container.

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