Permaculture Design Certificate

By vladislav / April 20, 2017

The permaculture Design Certificate was originally designed and invented by Bill Mollison who is considered to be the father of permaculture. The idea behind the permaculture design certificated or (PDC) was to educate and inform people about some of the values and basic fundamentals of the design. Wherever in the world, you get your permaculture design certificate, you will be going through the same steps. That is because otherwise, the certification process will lose some of its integrity over time. Here are the basic steps that each permaculture design certificate course should look like in order to be a legit certificate.

Things to Look Out For

The instructor or the teacher that is leading the course must have the same permaculture certification and a diploma in the field of education. He should be the person that leads you through the whole course and his signature must be on your certificate. That will prove that you have successfully completed the permaculture design course.

The permaculture design course should provide you with 72 hours of direct contact with your teacher. The instructor that will guide you through this course should give you assignments, homework’s, different projects and he should take you to see some demonstrations. All of that is important if you really want to learn about permaculture. One easy way to pick out a good and quality course is to look at how many days it will take. If the course is taking more than 12 days, then you are good to go.  That is because permaculture courses that take less than 12 days are not giving students enough time to learn everything about it. The course that Vladislav Davidzon took was more than 20 days.


If your permaculture design courses were similar to the above-described conditions, then you most likely have a legit certificate. That certificate will prove that you have all the necessary knowledge of that subject. More importantly, that certificate will allow you to use the word permaculture in your professional practice. Having this certificate, you will be able to do some professional practice about the subject.


This is one step further than having a certificate. Having a diploma is much more serious than a certificate. However, it is more difficult to get it, you will be required to have enormous experience in the field.

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