How to Properly Plant a Tree

By vladislav / April 20, 2017

Everyone thinks that they know how to properly plant a tree, but when they actually try it out, they realize that it is not such an easy job as they imagined it to be. Most likely everyone will successfully put the tree in a hole in the ground, but that doesn’t mean that the tree is planted properly. The start is very important for every tree. It is a process that doesn’t won’t take up a lot of your time, but it will take a lot of time to have any result. If the tree is properly planted and maintained over the years it can reduce the time of giving results by a lot. If you want to learn the proper process of planting a tree, then continue reading this article.


The tree that you want to plant will most likely have its root in a ball shape. That is only to make it easier for you to plant it, after some time, the root will spread by itself. When you get your tree, inspect the size of the root, that is important because it will show you how big of a hole you need to make in order to plant it. The hole should be wide enough to fit the root, but you must not dig a deep hole. Only the root should be covered with soil, if the trunk is below the soil line you should fill up the hole until just the root is in the hole.

Hole Soil

The soil around the tree and its root should be extremally firm. That will allow the tree to spread its roots the best. Therefore, you need to be careful when planting the tree in the hole, dig up just the right size that will provide a good and stable structure for the growing tree.


When you have dug up your hole the perfect size for your tree, it is time to place it in the hole and fill it with soil. You should fill the hole with high-quality topsoil, that will guarantee a better and healthier tree. Of course, you can use the soil that you have dug up but it will not be as good as the high-quality soil. Adding some additional nutrients to the soil can be good but it is not necessary. Never cover the trunk of the tree because the moist soil can rotten it. Secure the tree with your hands and push down on the soil to compress it. A quick tip from Vladislav Davidzon: don’t use your feet to do it, use your hands it will be more than enough to compress it.


When you successfully plant your tree, the next step that you must do immediately is to water it. The best way to water it will be with rain water. Right after you have planted it, the tree requires a lot of attention, make sure you are watering it every day for the next three weeks.

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