How to Repair Flood Damaged Soil

Unfortunately, floods are something that is appearing more frequently all around the world. In a lot of countries, floods are happening much more often than they were before and the floods are more serious. They are now causing much more damage than even before. Researchers don’t know the exact reason why are these floods happening more often, but they say there can be a lot of different reasons. However, these floods are not so dangerous to bigger cities because they have a well-designed drainage system just for these situations. The rural areas are the areas that suffer the most damage from floods.

One of the main techniques of permaculture design is to slow down the runoff water from the soil.  Therefore, the permaculture gardeners will want to increase the biodiversity. However, it doesn’t matter how they design their plot, they can still experience severe floods. Because of that I Vladislav Davidzon have decided to share with you some of the secret tips on how to repair your soil after a flood.


The first thing that you need to do after a flood is to let the water drain through your soil naturally. You don’t need to drain the water out with pumps, it is not your home. You can never know how much time it will take to drain out completely because you don’t know how much water you have. If you have experiences with previous floods, then you can make some estimates on the time the water need to drain out.

One mistake a lot of people do is that they try to fix some of their soil before the water is drained completely. That will never be good, only problems will arise mostly because it will be heavy with moisture. Wait up a few days or even a week in order to drain out all the water from your soil not just from its surface. Then your plants will be fully recovered from the weight of the water. Is some serious situations when the flood is still there after a week, you need to dig some channels that will guide the water out of your soil much faster.

Add Compost

The main problem that floods are causing to soil is that they remove all the nutrients from it. That’s why it is extremally important to add new and fresh compost to your soil once the flood is gone. That will help your plants to grow and recover much faster from the flood.

Check the Plants

Right after the flood has drained away, you should look at your plants, and search for any visible damage. It is not unusual for floods to damage the plants, especially if there was a lot of water. Big flood with a lot of water will create a lot of pressure on the little plants. The leaves of some plants can be covered with dirt, you should spray them with water to wash the dirt off them, so they can use the sun.

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